Milepost GCC-Web Services

7:17 AM Nik 0 Comments

So finally after banging my head for almost two days against the Web Service of cTuning and CCC Framework, I have finally managed to get the combinations correct and am able to receive the Compiler Optimization flags now from the cTuning web services. There are a few glitches here and there, I think it requires that the platform, compiler and environment that one is using should be already present in the database. So I opened up the database and retrieved some records and used the platform, env and compiler ids from there to retrieve the predicted compiler flags and I am quite pleased to say that it is working now. Although, I see that using the flags generated, I am getting a worse runtime than by using normal -o2, -o3 levels :)..

Also, I read on the cTuning website that currently only compiler optimization flags are being predicted by the ML based compiler and optimization passes are not being predicted but there are plans to incorporate this too. I will try to follow up the authors of Milepost and find whether that part has been done, or is in the process.

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