libvorbis and Milepost

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After integrating Milepost into nspr, I found that it was not possible to measure the performance boost there. So Dan suggested that I try the same thing for libvorbis, the ogg library which is used for html5 video. So I started working on that, and as now I'm used to the mozilla build system it didn't take too long to perform the same steps, with minor variations for libvorbis.
Unfortunately, while using Milepost for libvorbis, I am now facing a compilation error on the file vorbis_res0.c. It works perfectly fine as long as I am not using Milepost, but the moment I enable Milepost, it gives a compilation error.
I have informed the cTuning people about this, and a thread is running here. It might just be that its something I am doing wrong, but frankly I can't think of anything. I hope they can give me a solution to the problem soon.
Lastly, I still cannot try checking the perf boost, because the Web Service is still not running properly. I have informed the cTuning people about this too and they are working on it right now. I hope it gets resolved soon, because until it does, I am stuck with nowhere to go.

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