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It feels weird to revive this blog after so long. I switched away from this blog when I started blogging for TommyJams, and of course it took most of my time away from work, and hence this blog sadly had to go into a coma.

Since then, things have changed much. Eat, Play, Code. I think I do less of all these than ever in my life, but that said, these 3 things are the ones which still make me the most happy. Why then do I not do these 3 things more often? Because, for the last 4-5 years, I have turned into, for lack of a better word, an explorer. I explored the music industry with my startup, explored more than 15 countries in the last 2 years itself, and now exploring an MBA sitting in Singapore as I type. And I don't regret one second of these 4-5 years. These years have opened my eyes to the world around me, and hopefully I can bring that out into the future posts.

So as I write this post and pretend that someone else apart from me might read it too, let's embark on a new journey, and let's hope that this blog stays active, and the exploration never stops.


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